Men's Journal: "A Healthier Dog Treat You Can Make at Home"

A Healthier Dog Treat You Can Make at Home


"We read labels to avoid hidden trans fats, we shun plastics and canned goods known to contain BPA, and are leery of health-halo terms like "all natural" that often disguise chemical flavorings. So why don't we do the same for our pets? "Today’s commercial dog biscuits are scary," says Priscilla Feral, director of Friends of Animals, a nonprofit animal advocacy organization in New York. Feral points out that packaged biscuits, created to stay edible on a shelf for months or even years, are usually made with rendered tissue, bone, and byproducts from animals that could have a diet of antibiotic-filled foods, or may be diseased themselves. "The biscuits also contain ample sugar and chemical preservatives, like BHA and BHT, which the World Health Organization has named as suspicious cancer-causing compounds," she says. "

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