The Norwalk Hour: "New cookbook features vegan dog treat recipes"

DARIEN -- For those familiar with the mild guilt of preparing food under the forlorn gaze of a hungry pet, relief may have arrived.

In her new book, "For the Love of Dog Biscuits", local vegan cookbook author Priscilla Feral has turned her gaze from human subjects to canine ones.

The book contains 12 recipes for wholesome dog treats that can be whipped up at home, on the cheap.

"I'm happy to do something kind of whimsical," Feral told The Hour. "There's nothing quite like (this book) on the market now."

Inspiration for the book came from Feral's experience trying to find wholesome treats for her own dogs -- affordable biscuits contained "scary" ingredients like processed sugars, artificial coloring and preservatives, Feral explained; dog treats using only whole ingredients were expensive, at six to eight dollars a pound, she added, and most of them contained only one or two bland-sounding ingredients.

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